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Well if you're going to play more CQB and indoor than outdoor games get something that fits the game type you'll be playing (eg. M4, MP5K, or AK-74U instead of a full stock M16, MP5, or AK-47 for indoor games).

After that you can get 2 guns and make an outdoor and indoor setup.

Really though you're doing it right so far, pick whichever you think looks the coolest BUT take note on this. Whatever looks the most badass and what you like may not always be the most ergonomical or easy to handle. I may like the look of the FAMAS but when I fielded it that one day I found it to be "weird" and I didn't really like the ergonomics of it. It's probably better to check out the Ontario games section, join in on a game and ask to shoot other peoples guns, see a variety of guns and pick something that feels right to you.

Just a note. I jumped in right away and got an M4, I love it, but if I didn't like it I would have been left with an expensive BB gun that I didn't like to field rather than something that I like, and would be happy to field any day.

Don't think about buying right now at all. Once your AV goes through, you'll be able to get anything you want with patience and money.

EDIT: Sorry I was thinking about the AK74U (folding stock version like in Americas Army, I always thought it was just the AK74)...
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