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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Hey, I'll most definitely buy one as well.
sweet more people buying

Originally Posted by ZeroAlphaOne View Post
When the calender is all finished, I will buy 5 if possible.
lol nice

Originally Posted by Christina-NAG View Post
well look at this :-)
brilliant work R.I.T.Z hope you can get this sorted!

would be interested to know how many copies you are getting printed and whats happening to the profits of the calender ?
is the money going towards getting these girls into the sport and also helping them , like the National Airsoft Girls calender is?

Glad to see theres more girls getting into it and doing there bit for airsoft in calender.. girls im sure you gonna have a real laugh doing it.

Weve started doing our shoots for our one and make up was running with tears! lol
the profit is to cover cost, the rest will be donated to ASC.
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