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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Frankly, I don't care what the purpose is... I'm not a fan of giving underagers advice on buying airsoft guns.
Well then piss off. Its not that hard to do, and If you read my thread carefully, you would see the reason for buying the gun when im 16. Im not an asshole of a kid, im not a douchbag, and Im not some dumb kid who goes to a public park to shoot around. I fire airsoft guns, pellet guns and real guns either at a shooting range (very close to my house, walking distance) .In an open field where there are no houses, roads, or any buildings where its legal to hunt, or just at pop cans in my back yard for sighting in my scope. (My yard is huge, 104 acres). So, if you are against a underaged kid, who has no clue who his father is, who wants to know his father, and chances are this is the ONLY way to get to know him before he dies (chances are, damn soon, and thats a kick in the face for me), then simply, don't post.

Also, isn't having to be 18 to have a airsoft gun not a rule? I don't see that stated anywhere. All I see is you have to be 18 to game it, or 16 if you have a parent beside you the whole time, and you have the field owner say its OK.

And finally, Fuck you, im sure you had a father when you where a kid, well, I almost don't. And honestly, Id almost rather have him dead or at home more than he is, instead of knowing hes alive, and hes never around. Now THATS a kick in the face!

And thank-you skalnok for atleast offering some advice.
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