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This thread probably needs a 24 hour lock to cool down IMO. You don't need to keep on replying, just use the EDIT button it's there for a reason.

I think you've been spoonfed enough it's all detailed in the FAQ's if you're ever so inclined to actually read it.

If this was the old wild west days of ASC you would honestly not last a page before getting flamed to oblivion and never coming back.

TO RECAP: Since it doesn't seem like what we're saying has any effect just get whatever you want. We're not going to validify a crappy purchase. No matter how many times you ask. A crap buy is a crap buy.

- FPS is not everything, "limits not a goal".
- Your father can only get AV'ed if he has intent to actually play and be the primary user of said gun. I know there is at least one guy that lets his kids shoot his gun under close and direct supervision but otherwise if it's to get it then give it to you and not give a worry about it later or supervise you then every AV rep you talk to will refuse verification.
- Kraken will last and is relatively durable. Maintenance on these things is key as is a downgrading of the spring because too strong a spring will mean more wear and tear on your internals.
- G&G is good as far as non AV guns go. What else do you want?
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