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Originally Posted by Erennert View Post
I see your point haha. But i think I'd rather be safe than sorry and not order full guns or bodies of any type.
True, but considering these guns aren't available for sale anywhere outside of Canada, it's not even an option. The only clear guns you can get from abroad (unless importing massive quantities) are fully clear guns.

Originally Posted by aznpos531 View Post
I did read it. I figured if it was seized once, it would get seized again whether it was coming in by air or otherwise. Feeling a little snippy today Crunch? :P
Yeah, I guess so. It's been one of those days. lol

Originally Posted by daveno42 View Post
Yeah but I was trying to import a holster. So im not quite sure why they seized it. And is everything checked buy border patrol, or is stuff just checked at random?
If it's something not restricted (like a holster) and some fuckwad at CBSA seizes it, you can appeal the decision.

And yes, I forgot fake suppressors on my list. Although in fairness, a lot of people seem to be able to import those fairly easily, it seems. I know several people who've ordered some from abroad, have had their packages opened by customs, and the supressors made it to them fine. I wouldn't chance it myself though.
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