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#1, I build model airplanes, I have since I was 6 when my father was working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week trying to keep us from loosing the house. I never got his help once. I just read alot of how-to books from the library and from friends houses.

As proof, heres the latest one, i have been working on it for 19 months now, and its almost finished...

Its 1:72nd scale.

#2, I don't want the pistol now, Im going to buy it when im 18, not when im 17, not when im 16, not when im 15.

#3, Im buying the rifle when im 16.

#4, Since my dad is almost never home, this will be a 2 year project easilly.

And #5, Yes I almost had no father as a child. I just take happyness from the point that when he is home, its the best few hours I could wish for.
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