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Originally Posted by warbird View Post
I would let that be decided by my gun doc. Since you guys know, how much would the average cost be too bring the CA up to par. It might just be easier for me to go with KWA, and cheaper. Can you switch lowers on KWAs?
Nope, can't switch lowers or uppers on KWA M4. They aren't TM compatible, it uses a different design. If you wanted to change the body, you'd have to go all out.

For upgrading a CA to 400FPS with good accuracy and reliability, you'd be looking at the following:

Prometheus M110 spring
Prometheus POM Bearing Piston Head
Prometheus AERO cylinderhead
Modify Poly Carb piston
Modify Bearing Spring Guide

Prometheus Airseal Hop Up rubber(Soft)
Prometheus NEO STRIKE Chamber one piece hop up unit
Prometheus 6.03mm Tightbore 363mm

That's about it. I don't reccomend Modify Cylinderhead because the impact rubber is not attached properly. One time it just fell off of the cylinderhead and I had to super glue it back on. And Modify POM piston heads have slightly small O-Ring that sometimes doesn't compress properly. The Modify M110 spring is stiffer than Prom M110 as well.

You can get those items from and

happy hunting

PS: That set up, if installed properly, should get you around 380~400FPS. I wouldn't reccomend going Prom M120 because it destroys mechbox slightly faster and will shoot around 420FPS

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