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Originally Posted by Wolf13 View Post
ok, does anyone know what the ROF is on an ics m16 with a 9.6v 3600 mah battery
This is what I get with my guns with stock, standard ratio gears...
  • JG HK416 + large 9.6V 3300 mAh battery (sub-C cells) gives me a rof of 22/sec.

  • C7A2 with G&P 9.6V 2200 mAh crane stock battery (+ Systema Magnum high torque motor) = 17-19 / sec

  • C8A2 with 9.6V 2000 mAh crane stock battery (4/5A cells) = 18 / sec

  • Real Sword Type 56 with 9.6V 1400 mAh stick battery (2/3A cells) = 17 / sec.

I suspect you'll be somewhere in this range with your setup.

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