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Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
CA bearings suck. Also, CA yellow piston sucks.

CA externals are OK tho.
Maybe on the old versions but not on the new ones. To my knowledge thier m4's don't even run bearing bushings. And the yellow pistons are great. I've put about 75,000 rounds through mine with a 10.8v battery and checked the internals and there is NO wear on the piston. NONE. in my experience they are indestructible.

As for the Li-Po ready claims it's because of the reinforced gearbox, the 8mm steel ball bearing bushings as well as the perfectly matched internals that make it capable of handling the awesome power of the Li-Po's straight out of the box. I run a Socom gear 11.1V Li-Po and have yet to have any problems after about 6000 rounds through it.

Yes they have some downsides. The hop-up isn't the easiest to change out with an aftermarket one as it's a two piece unit. The trades on the side are kind of a downer.
Not to contradic and be a snob, but i have a little bit of stuff on your post--
6,000 rounds isn't enough to say whether or not it is reliable. have you checked the internals since the 6,000 rounds? I'm sure it can handle it quite well but for me it can't handle it enough to permanently use one, that's just a lot of battery for stock internals IMO, any brand.

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