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Kay, the lithium based (best one) lube goes on the gears, make sure not to overlube it. if you get the G&P lube kit from airsoftparts, then apply the cylinder grease onto the inside of the cylinder so the piston head can move smoothly. But most importantly, wipe out all of that green alien shyt that CYMA calls grease before you do that, you'll see what I mean when you open it up. Shims are washers that go on either side of the gears, and keeps them spaced out, there are a lot of shimming guides all over the internet, buy a pack of systema shims, and practice away. the number of shims vary for every gearbox, and even when you get new bushings, you will need to re-shim it. Start out with the spur gear, then go on to the sector gear, then the bevel gear. (google these names if you don't know them). After your done everything, close the mechbox up, then you need to adjust the motor height, googlable(sp?) as well. Good luck, it takes practice.

Or what sepulcrum said. I learned it all by myself with no problems though, and all of my guns runs fine, it just took more time. Especially since alot of the guns I owned started out as lemons

also, FPS doesn't mean everything, before you raise your fps, make sure your hop-up is as good as can be, and your air compression is perfect, along with a good tight-bore. This will increase your range greatly, whereas FPS may be able to carry your BB slightly further, it is not in any way an important upgrade. To put it in simple terms, everyone on here would take a G&G over a Kraken with no thinking, because that has good air seal, a good hop-up unit, durable gears, ect ect. The kraken just uses generic clone parts that are sub-par quality and wouldn't last anywhere close to the duration of the G&G
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I'll bet Ronan was the one who sent that email.
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The chinese steal everything. Haven't seen an original idea come out of that country yet.

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