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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
They are 1 of the cheapest starter guns out there... Pretty good quality as well, only plastic lower reciever, everything else is their mid-line parts. CAS versions are even cheaper.
Maybe you should actually know what you're talking about before dispensing 'advice'.

The Mach 1 and 007 G&G guns are identical in every way to the full metal line of G&G guns, including a metal upper receiver. The only difference is the clear lower to conform to Canadian import regulations. The rest of the externals are high grade metal parts.

The CAS versions have the same internals as the high end models, only have a fibre-reinforced nylon uppper receiver, and the tinted lower receiver. The externals are of a lower grade metal, but are still of good quality comparable to other clone guns like JG and such. Their internals are identical to the Mach 1, 007 and regular all metal G&G guns.
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