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Originally Posted by Steven666 View Post
Hello, I am Steven

I am 14 years old and I really feel like getting into Airsoft as a hobbie
I understand that I am not able to enter any arenas.

But I am wondering which Guns I should get.

I am looking to pay $500.00
I really like the Electrical M4A1, I would like to know if Electrical is any good?

Should I get an scope and which kind? brand?
What Brand of Gun should I buy?

And I would like to introduce myself O:
if you are seriously impatient you can always get your parents to buy you a clear gun to play with then when your 18 get serious, but that's only if your parents co-operate

also, don't defy some clear guns, there's some really high-quality ones out there, not metal quality, but high quality none-of-the-less
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