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Star mags VS TM mags VS KS mags

OK soo.... about to start :banghead:

I am looking for some mags for me and my GF. First off lets start with hers.

I have seen alot of issues with the p90 high caps, how ever I have found one issue with the low caps... there pricey! I am looking at 2 TM highcaps used here on the board for 50 or I can order KS highcaps from ehobbyasia for 9.99 each but the shipping is $30 on 3. Now Would I be better to just take the TM ones for a TM AEG. Will the KS have more feed problems? honestly looking at these things it surprises me that they could screw it up, its a bloody spring and a tube/cannel. Science has only gone so far I guess.

Our other option is to buy lowcaps domesticaly for $25, thats the best price I have found... now those are star mags, What kind of performance have you guys found from them?

Ok onto me. I have an AK47, and I am trying to descide what brand to go with as well. I can get 10 star mags for 34.99 from ehobbyasia.... these are 30rounders so thats I believe Real cap, correct me if I am wrong.

Or I can spend 4 buxs more and get the 105round mid caps. Will the midcaps rattle like my PITA highcap? I hate the cheesey feeling of running through the bush and it sounds like a band of Mariachi is following me around. These are also star. Am I better spending $25 on TM mags? Again its a spring and a fricking tube/canal!

I got another question thats not really with those
When I bring these accross what can I expect for boader charges? Duties? stuff like that. I know that can quickly double the price of alot of products. If I order from ebaybanned do they pay for all duties and boarder charges as well as the shipping?

Thanks for reading my dribble. I know when I wake up and read this through I am going to shake my head and go *what was I talking about* so sorry if you guys can not understand it. I just got off a night shift, its quarter to 7am, I know there are spelling errors.... and thanks in advance for the help.

WTF is with the waffle mag? It makes me hungry... is there any benifit to it? or is it just a delicouse perk that perhaps would taste good with maple syrup.

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