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Ya well good luck finding parts for a KWA and nothing inside a KWA is compatible with anything for that reason alone i would never buy a KWA again if your mechbox breaks like my freinds did your boned as KWA USA will not ship to canada.So that being said CA all the way.
If you have any KWA questions PM this guy "Terror" his mechbox blew apart and had tried to get compatible parts for both of us with no luck but im sure he would be more than happy to tell ya what he thinks of KWA and their awsome ....yeah right internals and no it wasnt a lemon they are just shit. Knowing what i know now i would never buy a KWA again. from day one its a countdown to major dissapointment trust me. i wont even use mine anymore for fear to break something that cant be replaced.And those who havnt put 20+ thousand rounds through one dont know didly.Buy a CA and Get a TUNEUP kit and you will have a AEG that is 100% reliable and not too mention sturdy,My CA has never let me down sure its not as responsive as the KWA but it doesnt run off lipo....yet........LOL

as said before"CA all the way and fuck KWA"

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