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Originally Posted by Richand View Post
Anyone know where i can buy some .25 -.20 bb's in scarborough, toronto area, w/o having to buy online i.e. stores and such.

If so, wuts the normal price of those?

Oh and how much bb's on avg. would you say you would use on an indoor and skirmish game?(general question, don't argue on opinion pls.)
Jeroon in Port Credit (Mississauga) and several local players bring my product to games at $10/bag for either .20 or .25 in 2000 count. You can also get them online from If you have difficulty PM me directly and I can help you.

How much you use in a game has a lot of dependencies - length of game, style of play, etc. Its not usual in a typical day game to go through 2000 to 4000 rounds if you're really active and heavy on the trigger. I've also gone through milsim games where I've shot less than one mag. So its a hard thing to say.

It certainly cheaper than paintball....
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