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Why not just use low-caps/mid-caps? no winding, no sounding like a bag of pennies. Plus at some games tossing a drum mag on your gun may class it is a S.A.W (or machine gun anyways) by some game organizers. Sorry to get a little off topic, just thought you might wanna be aware.
I did look into mid cap mags but It would be cheaper and more pratical for me to buy 1 drum mag than to drop a lot more on 5 or more mid caps and a vest to hold them all. I don't play at actual fields anyway so it doesn't matter what it would be classified as.

Originally Posted by Dart View Post
this may boarder on flaming but don't take offence to it.

If your constantly winding a high cap... you need to aim more bud. I play with one high cap *broke after buying gear but will be going to lows or reals* and i normaly have to wind once per game. And I shoot black/white mix so I actually have to aim and not just paintball aim.

If you through a drum mag on there alot of the hardcore players may turn there noses up at you. I know I get a bit of shunnage just for having a high cap lol.

There are also auto winding high caps avaliable for teh AK, they do have fake bullets in them how ever, dunno if you could ask the company to remove them for you.
No offense taken. Surprisingly, I do actually aim but I like to lay down a lot of fire so I go through a lot of rounds. I've never heard of these auto winding high caps, do you know of any retailers in Canada that carry them?

Originally Posted by zone 69 View Post
I picked up a star drum mag here,s the link to the review I made.
The star mag was another mag I'd looked into but it uses a pressure switch(or whatever it's called) and I'd rather stay away from that. Also, out of the 2 Star US dealers, 1 doesn't even have an online store and the other doesn't have it available online.
Originally Posted by BeAcH View Post has a great cheap drum mag, its full metal and super quiet when you wind it up....i was very surprised....and no bb rattle
This mag looks pretty good, 1 question though. How does it operate? Does it use sound, a pressure switch etc.

Thanks again for the help guys!
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