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G&g gr16a3 Iron Sights

I have a question about the iron sights and adjusting it. Before I took the gun outdoors and used it I tested my gun indoor and had a target set and adjusted my sights. No matter what I could not get the shot to always go into the same hole. I used .20 BB blackball. I was about 5 Meters from the target.

Most of the shots were shot about 1-2cm apart and some closer. Others randomly shot 4-5cms away. What I would like to know is do all airsoft guns shoot BB's at different areas and never in the same spot? Will shots ever be in the same area. I tried to adjust it outdoors but the BB's are coming out to fast and I could not see if they were going up to high or too low. Whats the best way to adjust the Iron sights so I can get a steady shot when aiming? Which comes to my next question. How do I adjust the Hop-up. I know which way to turn it but do I need a tool to do so? Its tight in spot. Is there a way to turn the gear on the hop-up without a tool?

Airsoft Gun: G&G GR16 A3
BB's Used: .20g BB Blackball (White and Black)
Weather: No wind at all indoor or outdoor.
Ranges Tested: 5 meters. 50+ meters. I could hear the shots hitting trees but couldn't tell if it was the one I was aiming at.

Any ideas will be appreciated. If not is there anyone in the areas that can help adjust the gun?
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