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Red face Role-playing games?

iam pretty sure this has been done before. OK here we GO:

could be anything really
Russia against Canada, US vs Canada (Canada being defending while Russia and US invading)

the idea would to have to be over a weekend with a gigantic field i mean huge (couple KM) . complete with little streams, forest, plains ETC... and have each team have a camp. over the course of the weekend we have units or squads do patrols , attacks ETC... each team setting up camps with tents, posts, (and for the sakes of airsoft) charging stations where people could charge batteries. get BB's. radio stations for organizing things complete with a commander and officers. game staff would be observing both teams

everything would need somewhat realistic with the usual meals, water that sort of thing.

VEHICLES WOULD BE ALLOWED. pickup trucks, cargo trucks. (with supply runs) the whole kadoodle. game would have to be on private property. with no legal roads running threw.

any ideas welcome. WHAT U THINK??
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