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We're getting lots of calls in for buyers waiting for the ICS new transparent tinted receivers. The split mechbox concept is definitely a key feature that can't be ignored. If there are dealers we haven't contacted yet, my apologies, as we're swamped trying to handle the incoming Bioval BBB and BBBMAX shipments, and preparing for the inbound ICS line up. If we haven't called you yet, we will. OR call us or drop an email, and we'll give you a heads up on the status of everything.

OH YA... Check out our line up of Revision ballistic eyewear & goggles as well. Good luck getting a bb through these lenses. Not even the Adamantium coated Super human BBBMAX can penetrate these goggles. LOL!! If you're worried about damaging or cracking these goggles forget it. The U.S military has made Revision eyewear their primary ballistic eyewear protection of choice.

Big thanks to all of Mach1airsoft supporters, friends, current and future customers.


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