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Originally Posted by Comanche View Post
Hmm, what's bothering me is what you've written in the first part of you're post.

Backyard battles.

That is bad, and even worse with a painted gun. I hope that your backyard is a totally isolated 2000+ kmē area else, well... That's quite irresponsible and dangerous.
Well i do live in NOTL, surrounded by peach trees and its a fairly Rural area
Originally Posted by Comanche View Post
On the review itself, it's good how you structured it, but here's a few comments: mechanism isn't electronic, it's electric. There's a difference. Also, saying Power Source: Rechargable battery is useless. We already know it's electric. You should've written the mAh and voltage of the battery instead.
when i put that i was reading out the box, I had no actual involvement on the writings of that division.

also those commenting on the gearbox, it was a guess, editing the post as uncomfirmed
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