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Hmm, what's bothering me is what you've written in the first part of you're post.

Backyard battles.

That is bad, and even worse with a painted gun. I hope that your backyard is a totally isolated 2000+ kmē area else, well... That's quite irresponsible and dangerous.

On the review itself, it's good how you structured it, but here's a few comments: mechanism isn't electronic, it's electric. There's a difference. Also, saying Power Source: Rechargable battery is useless. We already know it's electric. You should've written the mAh and voltage of the battery instead.
Other than that, forgiving the shitty AEG it is, your review isn't bad. More details and information on the internals are always appreciated but well, that's a Crosman so we all know what it's worth^^

Also, I'm surprised of the metal gearbox since I know someone who got it, broke the second day of indoor plinking (lol). He opened it and it was fully plastic, so... I guess there's different versions.

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