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I got to try one of these out last weekend at a game. I was left totally unimpressed and rather disgusted at how shitty it is considering the rather heft price it sells for in Canada.

It's 100% plastic, and the plastic is weak and brittle. Even parts that are normally metal on the bottom-of-the-barrel AEGs that cost less are clear plastic on this gun. Yeah, the gearbox shell is metal, but everything inside it is substandard at best I'm sure. The stock is made of rather weak metal and flexed pretty easily - both in the metal and the connection point with the receiver. I honestly can't see it holding up to any kind of abuse.

Its performance was shoddy at best. You were lucky to reach a target 50 feet away, let alone hit it. Hopup had little effect on distance. Rather, adding hop made the BB veer more to the left. It would misfeed like crazy with anything but its high-cap mag. And even then, feed wasn't 100% reliable.

I honestly think it's neither a good gun nor good value. It's a lot more on par with Crosman's other shitty clearsoft products than any real airsoft gun, even the lowest end Chinese clones. Considering the price, I wouldn't even recommend this for the "backyard battles". Even in that arena, I'd still give this a 2/5. I'd rank it 0/5 against any real AEG.

You can get a Kraken for $120, and it's light years ahead of this gun for the same money. And at least the Kraken can be used as an upgrade platform. Not so with the Crosman. It's junk, plain and simple. Even on 'sale' at $120, I think it was a total waste of $120.
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