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Ask Shinobii at Mach1 about an ICS package.

I'm talking to him about putting together a setup that'll allow you to go between indoor sub-350 to outdoor sub-400 by simply switching the upper mechbox....and that's with the smoke lower receiver.

Side by side, the plastic lower receiver of the ICS is so much thicker/stronger/flexible (you want it to flex instead of cracking) than the G&G clear lowers. With a plastic receiver, I'd go for durability over anything else.

The ICS mechboxes are their standard ICS "discounted/sportline/tactica-whatever" parts.

The spring release feature is very nice. But the ability to hit a sub-350fps game one day and a sub-400 the next without opening up your whole rifle is just plain killer. Shinobii has, or can get in, any ICS part (except metal receivers) there's no issue with hard to find parts.

It's more than a clear G&G...but it's a lot less than having two separate rifles tuned for different things!

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