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Originally Posted by Lethal Barbie View Post
Glad to see another girl on board... Welcome Godess...
If that truly is her in that avatar pic, I might need some salt.

And Madmorbius, if you dont like the girls you see so far, who is forcing you to buy a calendar, really??? No need to be mean to the girls here and say they dont look good... It's just not nice, i think... I have met a few girls, and they are all pretty, and like i said, maybe we aint megan Fox, but i doubt you look like Hugh Jackman or Zac Effron...
Hey, I said you need TWELVE attractive females, and never said you didn't have any already

And no, I don't look like Hugh Jackman, but I do okay. Besides, if I ever get desperate I can just drizzle some bacon fat down my washboard abs and hang around a call center for a while. Nothing attracts the pork like glistening bacon-dipped sculpted abdominals!
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?

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