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lol man I could buy a real AK47 for close to the same price I bought my TM Ak47, and prob have gotten some ammo with it too! 400-500 should be able to get you something real steel on the market. Sure it would net you a glock atleast.

I think one reason why canada is so strick on these is what you said though. If/when I become RCMP if I see someone holding an assault rifle, if they start to turn to me with the barrel pointed at me I will not give them the oppurtinity to turn to me and tell me *this is airsoft*. So with canada making it illigal I think they are trying to make it so this problem does not occure. I have heard of cops shooting kids that have air soft guns. Everyone blames the cop... but I mean honestly what would you do in that situation? I am also a sword collector and it makes me shake me head when they stop stuff of mine at the boarder that is less leathal than a butter knife.

Anyways as for shipping I have found greyhound really never asks questions about whats on there bus. Plus they are normaly way cheaper for over sized goods.

*on a side note if you ever hear the words Freeze, or drop it... DROP THE DAMN GUN! Tell them its fake and than keep your mouth shut, they won't believe you and will treat you as a very high threat until they determine its not real. Be prepared to get handcuffed.*

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