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Originally Posted by SurplusIG View Post
I'm surprised purolator won't ship airsoft guns, I had them come to the store pick up a gun for a customer without even packing it ... I just gave them the box with the crazy M4 pic on it with the gun inside and the delivery address and they went about their business ... I did this today :S
It actually might have been the depots discretion that was used to refuse shipping it. Maybe they wanted to stay on the safe side so just said we're going to refuse to ship, you'll have to take it to another courier.

Oh yeah you probably should have wrapped the package or at least turned the box inside out as a service to the buyer (don't want the neighbourhood soccer mom to see a cardboard box with a picture of a "military grade assault rifle" on it (wait.... that wasn't sarcasm it actually is a (model of a) military grade assault rifle).
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