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thanks for the competency compliment, as I lack the ability to chew gum and walk at the same time.
lol, I think, though I shouldn't ever talk for the rest of us, those that have not posted, ie., sniperchic, mizfit, arwen, spider, innocent, laike, mouse... there are a-lot of females, especially in Ontario that play, we're not far and few.
As for myself, not the fact I don't support the sport, but I haven't played as heavy as I have in past seasons, to negate that excuse, it's just not my thing... and again, more then likely why other women of the sport, on this forum just haven't replied.
I thank ya a ton for the honorable mention lol and the 'pose' options (lol BR bike.. nice one!) but yeah... that just aint for me, at all.
But the rest of you have a blast with it, and hope your endevours and all that come to fruition and ya make some good coin or at least lol be able to cover your over head..
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