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Crosman Pulse R76 (not for the flame-hearted)

ok, i'm going to start out by saying that the application of this gun, is definitely NOT for serious could upgrade it to the max of its abilities, but it'd never reach something like G&G quality. This is something for backyard battles.

First impression
ok, so starting out in Airsoft, I went down on Easter Weekend (BAD IDEA) and found out they were sold out on the gun I was aiming for, the Aftermath Kraken AK-47. Not only that, but they were out on Broxa's and the DPMS Panther M4. BIG letdown, so me and my friend had to choose between the Crosman Pulse R76, Pulse R72, and the Walther Arms P22 (nuh-uh) so being the smarter one, I took the Pulse R76 because doing my research beforehand, higher FPS, and it looked like an AK (more on the look later), it was also on sale at $120 (norm. price $180) when my friends was the usual $140. So when we were waiting in line for close to an hour, I looked over the box;

Mechanism: Electronic
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Caliber (lawl future weapons): 6mm Plastic BBs
Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Length: 29 in. (with stock extended of course)
Magazine: holds up to 375
Front Sight: Elevation Adjustable Post (LIES)
Rear Sight: Elevation Adjustable Notch
Safety: Lever
Velocity: Up to 375 fps (I'm imagining with .12 g, but I don't have a chrono so... yea)

So after looking at the stats posted, I actually looked at the thing, i must say, they made the box exceptionally shiny, easy to attract those who have the brain the size of a peanut.

Opening the Box
So while laughing at my friends as they cripple over trying to open their plastic packages while all i had to do is remove a sheet and then pull some tape, BIG plus if your someone like me. So i remove the gun like its a holy grail, lighter than I expected it, but still got some bulk to it, I then saw the tri-rail system on the gun and was deeply unimpressed, removed it immediately. So after plugging in my battery and setting my alarm to go off after 6 hours, i observed the gun a bit more. Its sort of a weird mutation of an AK-47 and an AK-74u, but quite recently, i saw this on 007 airsoft
That is called the AK-47 Spetnaz which is made by Tokyo Mauri, so I Imagine this is a TM clone.

actually, now that I just came to that realization, there isn't much i can say more :\

Use and Overall Impression
when i use it, it shoots fairly straight, i can hit a good grouping at 50 feet, on the box it suggests 33 feet, the Strap isn't meant for adults, so its kinda short, but it works... for now... the battery is pretty good, it can last the good part of a day. Comes with an unjamming rod, which I've only needed to use once, and that was on my friends R72. the bb's that come with it are .20 grams, but they're crosman's, they work fair with the gun. The Stock is fine, nothing special, but when its folded up it scratches at part of the handgrip which is very distracting, and the Selector switch is blocked when in Semi and the stock is folded, its also a bit wobbly sideways. the hop-up works, that's all that matters in its case, but if your wondering where it is its behind the cocking handle and its a little tab you push forward and backward. The fore grip is very comfy with and without the stock folded. The high-cap is fine, but I'd prefer a whole box of 10 low-caps because those don't rattle and you don't have to crank them.

Final Closing

I'm going to be perfectly honest here, For a backyard gun this gun is great, its got a decent FPS, the battery is fine, you could upgrade the battery (8.4v 1150mAh) but saying as you wouldn't use this in a big game, ever, then there really isn't a point.
Here's my ratings (Based on Backyard Battling, not comparing to a G&G) out of 5:
Weight: 5
Feel: 4
Performance: 4
Look: 3.5 (depends if you paint it like I did)
Price: 3 (on sale it may be cheap, but its retail price is $180)
Overall: 4
I'm going to say that its a good gun, but unless its on sale, or your at Crappy-tire, don't get it

here's some pics:

No Flaming, My application was openly presented, Feel free to discuss.

No Confirmation of a plastic or Metal gearbox.

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