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Originally Posted by Lethal Barbie View Post
Glad to see another girl on board... Welcome Godess...
And Madmorbius, if you dont like the girls you see so far, who is forcing you to buy a calendar, really??? No need to be mean to the girls here and say they dont look good... It's just not nice, i think... I have met a few girls, and they are all pretty, and like i said, maybe we aint megan Fox, but i doubt you look like Hugh Jackman or Zac Effron...
i think he was joking. if i may say so, i think the general consensus here is that both girls who have posted so far ARE in fact quite pretty. the fact that they are also keen for becoming involved in said project speaks volumes about their character and their desire to grow the sport and show how its not just for guys. as for other girls, the only other one that comes to mind, was CG, who IMHO, fits the bill perfectly. I believe she had a short stint on the CBC broadcast about airsoft. Other than her i dont know of any other girls who play the sport save for Lisa and some of the guy's wives.
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