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tracer silencers will create brighter shots, especially on initial shots.

The tracer mags only work well for sustained full auto fire or for short bursts (or semi auto fire) with very little break between firing groups.

The reason why, is that although the round may get charged in the magazine, it still has to travel up the hop up feed tube, get chambered in the hop up chamber and potentially sit in there while you await another opportunity to shoot. In that time, the charge may have been reduced, which means the next fully charged shot you will see is the 4th or 5th shot, ASSUMING you fire all 4-5 shots within a very short period of time so that the BB retains the charge.

On the other hand, with a tracer silencer unit, the BB is charged the moment it leaves the muzzle for each shot and every shot. It will have maximum brightness this way, regardless of whether you have BBs sitting and waiting in the chamber or not.
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