Thread: ok to mix camo?
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NoGear...come visit me when the 70 mile fire is done...we are just gearing up with bdus that work VERY well in the Clinton/Cariboo region. Its nice to see for your self and form your own opinion.

My Friend here is running Flecktarn, and I do believe I am starting to change his least the last game he attended, and borrowed a set of bdus from us, and the words 'invisible' was bandied about.

I heard 'disappeared' when I attended the local game here in 100 Mile House, a couple weeks agon.

But see for yourself and then decide.

Or hey, how bout we meet half way at 70 mile surplus?...they are starting to get more AS stuff in, and have some other stuff to look at as well. I would be a nice excuse to go for a shop.
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