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Killhaüs airsoft DVD magazine Issue 1 available

Well everyone, they always say the first one is the most difficult.

I have to agree. Saying that, the first issue of the Killhaüs DVD magazine is finished and now available for purchase via EMT to

The cost for the first issue is $15.00 + shipping for a total of $16.50. The price is a little lower due to the fact that there are two segments not on this DVD, so it is a little smaller in duration.

If you purchase this DVD, I would greatly appreciate constructive feedback. I understand that there are some things that could be done better... there always is! But I am expecting each issue to get better and better and this is a pretty good start.

Issue #2 will have some really cool segments, product reviews and more airsoft action.

Support. Please.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. As always Killhaüs is seeking talented and skilled videographers to capture the airsoft action in their own area of Canada. Please contact Whisper Kill via PM for details.
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