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Defcon Paintball

Look no further!

Here is the Noob staging ground for everyone who wants to get their feet wet into Airsoft

All you require is that your gun shoot under 350 FPS and you are good to go

You can play in anything your hoodie and jeans, your pyjamas, your underwear or go naked for all you care so long as you are wearing a Paintball mask or a Certiefied Half mask with strong goggles that can withstand BB hits and I don't mean those ghetto ski goggles

Defcon Paintball - Best place for those who want to begin

One of the upcoming games May 17th

Heres me playing in one of our themed games, you don't have to have a pistol but sometimes we run pistol games for fun

Its usually not this dark as we requested the lights to be turned low for some of our games

YouTube - Defcon Paintball - Airsoft: Jan 25th 2009
- Pistolero Steve -

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