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Element bearing spring guide & version 2 wiring

Well, I bought these parts as a test from ehobby. I'm aware that they are not the best quality but well, I needed some wiring and I was ordering a bunch of other stuff. The spring guide had a metal base but the shaft portion was made of plastic. There were no mold flaws and it installed flawlessly in my G&P reinforced mechbox.

I give it 4 out of 5. As a side note, I received a package that had 2 spring guides in it, though I only paid for 1. So i have an extra one kicking around now

The trigger wiring assembly was a different story. While it was molded very nicely and moved smoothly, it has a serious flaw. The portion that moves into contact with the metal tabs is not long enough to complete the circuit once the mechbox is reassembled. I have attached a picture showing the part that is not long enough. I was fortunate enough to have my left over TM swtich to harvest the required part.

I give it 3 out of 5. Others may rate this lower but for the price, $7 US I got replacement wires, what I needed, and was able to make things work.
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