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Wasn't there a reference picture somewhere with a few guys in different patterns in different backgrounds?

I'll see if I can find it but what you should do is take a look at the local area you'll be playing at and compare the different patterns against it.

Also I play in Fleck and will be converting to Multicam (well more like running 2 different sets of camo). Reason being is that fleck is fine and dandy for forested and heavily dominated "green" areas (eg. moss on the trunks of trees, thick brush etc.) whereas multi seems to work better in the other place I play (lots of prairie grasses, brown/tan dominated).

Multicam is by no means noobcam. Pattern doesn't really matter it's really the person using it and a way to differentiate teams (eg. instead of red vs blue armsbands we use green dominant camo vs tan/brown dominant camo).
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