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Looking for casual games to start with

I live in Scarborough and for now im just looking for casual games, nothing that requires real commitment and somewhere i can maybe reach by ttc.

I hear defcon paintball field allows airsoft games on mondays? or sundays(according to the site) which is it?

I just want to give this a try, iv spent soo much(well to me lol). I want to know what im missing and work i need to be done.

Im willing to travel further if i can hitch a ride with anyone goin to a game and back(i live in finch and warden area, willing to contribute for gas too of course).

Whats the average price for an admission to an basic event? i got no team and am willing to just be a filler teams would practice on with other dudes.(i work every other weekends so its hard to play).

Any suggestions on how i can get some shooting time with these criteria?
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