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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
.25 is the weight, not the size. All airsoft BB's are 6mm diameter.

As for the quality, yes it matters, get some good quality BB's like BB Bastard, KSC, Madbull, etc. or you'll screw up your gun.

Higher weight BB's are better for more effective range and not being affected as much by the wind, blades of grass, etc. I find .20's almost useless outdoors.

Even with a stock TM (usually around 280fps) I still REFUSE to use .20s. Garbage. Yeah they go at a higher velocity, but the inaccuracy is just not worth it at all.

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Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
Flaming a guy on his question, no matter how stupid it sounds, is to me not a professional way helping out nor answering the guys question.
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