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Airsoft gun questions


I am looking at purchasing a G&G MP5A4 blowback and have a few questions that you can hopefully answer.

Firstly, where is the best site to purchase it off of? My research so far shows that velocityarms is the way to go but i'd like some feedback.

Secondly, I'd like to get a flashlight handguard for it. How do I know what to look far when purchasing one as to if it will fit or not? Any recommendations for one?

Next, do I need to purchase a rail to mount a dot sight on it or does it have one?

Finally, my research shows that .25 size bb's are generally better than .2. (Correct?) So why would I chose to buy .2's over .5's when they are the same price? How big of role does brand play in the quality of bb's that I shoot or does it not really matter?

On an semi-unrelated final question... is legit? I'm looking around and seeing mixed comments.

That's it for now at least, thanks.

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