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Originally Posted by hot_shot under fire View Post
Sorry for the double post everyone, but I have 2 questions that could use an answer.

#1, would anybody be against playing with a 17 year-old Canadian Forces Reserves member? Since Im joining, I just wish to know for future referance.
Most games are 18 only. And no offence to CF members, but I know a few of 17 year old army reserve guys, and I wouldn't want to play airsoft with any of them. The army reserve seems to attract 17 year old douchebags.
#2, what internals would you all recommend? I have no clue what to do for the internals. What is good and what is junk in the ICS M4 SIR?
Is it a halfbreed ICS or a full metal one? The full metal ICS guns are great. I've heard their halfbreeds leave something to be desired.

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