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Mikhail's wife Chris here again... As someone who's worked on collaborative long-distance projects before, I think this could be a lot of fun, and is absolutely doable. I also think you're getting a bit over-complicated in the execution, what with provincial photographers and representatives and all.

What I'd suggest is put the word out to the girls that you're taking submissions for the calendar. Let THEM sort out their photographers (friend, boyfriend, whatever), and have them email a designated person their say five best shots. Have a standard size, quality, and format they should send them in at (jpeg, 400 dpi, whatever), so the shots can be blown up to calendar size without losing too much resolution. Then the editor(s) pick the twelve best shots and put the calendar together.

I'd suggest additionally that if it's an action or distance shot (i.e. it's hard to pick out the player let alone tell they're female lol), that perhaps a head shot be included, or a shot of the player if the main shot is a bit camo-y (i.e. she's hard to see lol). They can include a little blurb to go where you'd get the usual photo description in the calendar (you know, the standard "Sunset over Banff National Park" bit) that has maybe her call sign, and say her loadout and how long she's been playing. You know. Something that makes her a person as well as a figure in a picture, and also proves she's an actual player and not just a model lol.

May go out and shoot some pics ourselves in a bit. Oh, the waivers are a good idea.

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