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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
that was refreshing, i'm working on everything

calendars would be made in bulk. there are deals everywhere or we can make them to order

distribution ASC mart, privately there are options

which brings up other things, talking to who ever is running ASC mart, making sure they're okay with it. the profits would be for ASC and to cover costs.

basically fund raising for ASC.
Mike's wife Chris hijacking his account as a potential model lol: Lulu ( prints calendars (as well as books) on demand. We've used them (for books); good quality.

Basically what happens is you upload your file, and then you get an url that links to the calendar/book, that you can advertise wherever you like (you can get Buy Now buttons too). When (and only when) someone orders one, then one is printed off and sent to them. Lulu takes a cut over and above the cost of printing it off, and the rest you keep. They will either mail out a cheque quarterly or PayPal you the profits monthly.

The best part about them is that if no one buys one, you are out NO money, and as soon as you sell ONE, you've made a profit. I.e., no risk.

Check them out.
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