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ICS M16 problem

I'm going to bite the bullet and post this here because I'm afraid it's a normal problem. I haven't been able to find a solution on the forums as of yet.

I've owned an ICS M16 for a few years, bought it new. I've had a consistent problem with the connector that links the gun to the battery, the wires were constantly being pulled out of it, so I recently had the connectors rewired to dean's connectors and figured that was the end of my troubles but after charging and hooking up my battery, it managed to fire a couple dry shots and then locked up. This is what was happening all along but I just assumed it was this bad connector.

All it does now is make a clicking noise any time I pull the trigger. Like I said, this has happened before but I always assumed it was a this crap connection or a dead battery. I took off the whole stock and noticed that after I try shooting it a couple times, I can feel the wires getting warm, which leads me to believe that the current's going through it fine, but there's something internally wrong. I live in PEI and I don't know anyone nearby who's comfortable opening it up and taking a look, I would prefer not to send it away but I will if I have to. I was just hoping someone could identify the problem and give me a simple solution. I've never opened this thing up in fear that I wouldn't be able to put it back together, but I'll attempt it if it's simple enough for me to do without making it worst.
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