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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
i'm just glad to see that there is some positive support for all of this. and before even the first person poses for all of this we need to see how many girls want to do this who play airsoft. I have two
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Tokyo Seven
I would gladly make a calendar with T7, but if i'm not wrong, that would not make it an all-girl calendar... lol i guess you did not find out her dirty secret...
Now i have put the idea with some girls i know that plays... Awaiting some responses...
Now for the easy on the eyes or not, everygirl i met were pretty... Maybe we ain't Megan Fox or anything like that, but nothing to make you shiver and make you wanna skip a month... But yet, i did not see a lot of Hayden Chritianson or Hugh Jackman in airsoft either...
Now i know it's just an idea, and it needs lots of work, bla bla... We still have a good 7 months... But it is also a good opportunitie for the girls to show up at games and pose for the camera... And for all the Ronan's out there to take pictures of them and say it would be for the calendar... lol
Basically, it would be something fun to do... And like i said, i am speaking for myself, but i'm sure lots of giirls would be happy to do it... I will talk about it at games when i see a girl, and try to convince her...
BTW, here is an example where i feel it reflects Airsoft and a girl all shown in good taste... Or so i think...
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I dont have a team, i have an open relationship with many... Jealous? Yep! I tought so..

Originally Posted by Themis View Post
Now if you excuse me, I have to go put on my spacesuit to attend my "And much more" training session.
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