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Originally Posted by DemiBlitz View Post
Oh lovely. I could see the big ass f*ck off sun glasses you'd need for that shot just so you didn't have to burn your eyes with the suns reflection off our pastey white skin!!. Then again how crazy would that look? Speedos and Chest Rigs :P

But back to the calender, still great idea and willing to support. Just need implementation!
as for the guys, lets focus on one calendar at a time, pending the success or failure of this one we'll see how it goes

i'm just glad to see that there is some positive support for all of this. and before even the first person poses for all of this we need to see how many girls want to do this who play airsoft. I have two
Lethal Barbie
Tokyo Seven

not that i'm complaining that a calendar with just them wouldn't be hot and sell well, but i'm pretty sure that a calendar would be a little better with more than two girls
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