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I love the idea if you can pull it off. Let's be realistic about it though. It's a great tribute to the girls to play and a great way to promote women and airsoft! Soooo maybe they all aren't "Easy on the Eyes" but do you really think the majority of us guys are? :P Comon lol.. Alright maybe with the exception of Crunch but still... If this was going to go down I think Game shots would be best, the real girls in action. I would buy one, but that goes along with my addiction to Airsoft lol!

Well as i said this began with an idea. and it still is, i want to see how many people are for it and against it. if there isn't enough people who want to pose for the calendar or buy it. the project would be scrapped.
now the modeling issue. Canadian Airsoft Girls, pretty self explanatory any girl can pick up a airsoft gun strike a pose and look good, but as lethal barbie has said a few times its a calendar for the girls who really play, I've got 3 models that i could get to pose for me, but that's in case we need filler those spots will be up for any girl that's willing, but this is a calendar for the girls who play, and now i'm hearing about people talking about rejecting girls because they're not all that to look at?
first thing a joke; that's what the masks are for :P
second its an airsoft calendar, everyone who wants to be can be in it I'm not here to discriminate between the girls. any girl who plays airsoft and is proud of it is more than welcome to say "i want in on this calendar"

I will be trying to attend as many events as possible so feel free to come up and talk to me, preferably not under fire. I'm the guy with R.I.T.Z painted on the back of his helmet in red

Now to deal with the speedo wearing crunch.
how about a guy calendar? i think it'll be easier to find people to pose, and group shots will be larger!
a group shot of guys in speedo's with their gear !
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