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Question G&G RK-103 vs RK-104

Can't decide which one to get.


Overall Length 860 mm

Inner Barrel Length 357 mm

Inner Barrel Diameter 6.04 mm


Overall Length 985 mm

Inner Barrel Length 463 mm

Inner Barrel Diameter 6.04 mm

Question is how would my range/accuracy be effected with barrel being 106mm shorter if I decide to go with the 104 version? I plan to put 120 spring in it. For example G&G Scar has the same inner barrel length as the RK-104 (357mm) and people say it has pretty good range/accuracy. What do you think?

P.S : I mostly play outside so pretty much no CQB, but again if there isn't MUCH difference in range/accuracy, then I would rather run around with a shorter version (which i tend to like better).

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