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I wear Fleck tarn top with Cadpat pants and a green Shmeag *sp?* over my head, Bug eyed screen goggles so no fogging up or sun glinting off them for the other team.

I live in kelowna and apparently what I have thrown together works really well for this area. talking to some guys I play against and apparently I can not be seen unless I am moving, and when I am moving its more a blur/lump that the eye has troubles picking up.

so we did some testing... and one thing that most people seem to over look is there face/head/hands. The eye tries to look for shapes it reconizes, so if your all camoed up but you got your face sticking out uncovered the eye is gonna pick it up and the brains going to put the rest together.

Your from BC, try some Fleck tarn... if its greener where you are try the cadpat I would say.
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