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ok to mix camo?

this has been itching me for a wile now and im looking to purchase some camo and don't want to change the type of camo. for example pay 300$ on cadpat then find that acu works better then have to pay another 300$

I personaly think from google images that ACU and muticam seem to work well together because of ACU taking in coulars and the multi working with them.

but seriouse i have no clue what camo is best so im asking people who switched camo to answer another question

why did you switch and why?

so basically im wondering if anyone mixed camo like cappat vest and acu pouches and if it works succesfuly.

i did do some research but im looking for first hand experiance.

also im hearing people who wear multicam refer to it as NOOB cam

btw i kinda like tiger stripe but im not sure anyone wears that sorte of thing XD
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