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G&G M4 Or M16A3!?

Hey guys.
Im going to purchase my first ever AEG! and instead of just spending $100 on a low grade AEG as my first, i want to get a higher quality one. One that i can just upgrade instead of dropping $400 on a new one.

Well.. i've narrowed it down to the M4/M16 variant.
and i've cut it down further to the G&G series as they seem to have awsome 5 star reviews. (FYI, i do not care that the lower receiver is plastic or whatnot..)

Well.. i was thinking about getting the M4 since it can be upgraded like mad.. but then i was thinking that they are pretty over rated.. but then i was thinking hey, it's a bit compact not too long, not too heavy, pretty much just right.

But then i thought of the G&G M16A3.. and that thing is very sleek. i love the look of the M16's.. and if i wanted to in the near future if i get an M4 variant and i wanted a sniper rifle, i mean i could just mod the M16 into an SR-25. so there could be no down side here.

So.. then i decided i wanted your guys' opinion, Please?
(i am going to get them from though. ill post the links of both below.. )



Thanks Guys.
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