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Classic Army Sportline Edition

So, finally I'm age verified and I prance off into the classifieds knowing for certain what I want, and I find it... except it all has "Sportline" stamped on it. Am I correct in my understanding that the "Sportline" version of the Classic Army brand is simply their normal internals stuck in some cheaper ABS externals, or are there significant differences I should be aware of? It's my first purchase, and from my reading of a CA Sportline P90 review I'm... apprehensive.

As a note, in case the model makes any difference, I'm looking for a M15A4 RIS or a M4A1 RIS, though I'm not entirely clear on whether or not the M15A4 Carbine is supposed to be the Classic Army M4A1? I suppose another question that could stand some clarification.

Thanks for any help in advance, I'm just looking for some confirmation here.
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